Frequently Asked Questions

Code Replacement

There's no chance of code replacement! They're all provided by our system automatically. Hence, there's a chance to recieve already used codes. This is because our system stucks sometimes and therefore forget to dump old/already claimed codes from database.

Offer Accomplishment

There's no issue with the offers that we could fix. It is all third-party and we can only replace them with different ones. If the offer you've been trying to accomplish tells you "it is completed", it doesn't always mean it will unlock the file. You could either wait 2 minutes before you close the offer or simply try harder to unlock one. Offers communicate with our server. If our server recieve postback from the offer, file will be triggered and unlocked. Otherwise, offer isn't completed successfully and file will remain locked.

Blacklisted IP Address

You have accomplished more than three offers per 24 hours, so your IP address arrived on our blacklist. This can be removed if you contact us and briefly explain why you did more than three offers for one day. Also, if you have dynamic IP address, you can simply reboot your router and try again.

Broken Proceed Button

Click on proceed button should prompt an small window with terms, asking you to agree or disagree with them. After that offer window shall arive. Some users reported that nothing happends on click of proceed button. We believe that everyone is able to click on the button and recieve terms window, but on click of "I agree", you get nothing or just gray transparent overlay. This may be happening for very few reasons:

- You have got ad-blocker enabled in your browser. Requirement is to disable it and reload page. Click proceed again.
- You are using older browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). Upgrade your browser to the latest version.
- Sometimes you might even try to reload the page for a few times and click on proceed again.
- If none of above is your issue, you may try to click on proceed, wait for terms and give it more time than 5 seconds.
- If still nothing happends. Simply try using different latest browser, other than your default favourite one.
- In case you are still not able to click on proceed, send us an short desktop recording video via contact page.

Unable to Play Video

There's only one issue that might stop you from checking our video. You are using an browser extension that prevents auto-play function. There are many extensions of this kind so we can't specify exact extension that you might be using.

Steam Wallet Gift Code Request

Unfortunately you're unable to request Steam Wallet Gift from us. We can't just send you an code, because it is all automated and we do not manage codes at all. In order to get an code, you will have to complete an short offer, determine amount of money you want and enjoy! Any emails we recieve regardless to this, will be permanently removed.

Steam Wallet Gift Code Country-Dependency

You may use our Steam-Wallet Gift Card codes in any country. There's nothing that could be wrong, so what country you are from, is not important for the code to be claimed. Every country can use our codes.