Changelog - 1.4

Lot of complaints about the offers. Fixed the list of the surveys that appears on the website. Now you can even choose and load more surveys optionally. Still one survey is requirement. Soon we might add a poll with a simple question to publicity.

Changelog - 1.1

Updated our website and providing system. Now each code you get, will definetly work! Surveys were been added as requirement, and no longer as an optional step. We're sorry about that, but this will help us a lot. Consider it as a "trade". Our website is providing you Steam Wallet Gift Code and we are looking for one short survey in return.

Changelog - 1.0

Minor issues with our database. Any kind of errors releated to SQL database should not ever appear again. All database issues are resolved at this time. It's our mistake on initial release, but thank you for reports.

Changelog - init

Initial release of our website. It's not just a website - It's a functionality that will change lifes of many people. We are offering Steam Wallet Gift Codes. You may use them for pretty much anything you like. It really depends on you! You just need to have the Steam account to claim the code and you're ready to go and spend them!